Hello,need to learn japanese for a scholarship [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/01/16(Fri) 08:45:25.90
can anyone please be my japanese language tutor?i can tutor in french,english,arabic in return
arigato gozaimasu

2Anonymous2015/01/17(Sat) 04:29:56.20

3Anonymous2015/01/17(Sat) 17:57:11.06
I want to need study English .

4Anonymous2015/01/18(Sun) 19:42:07.19
give me your e-mail
I can help you

5Anonymous2015/01/20(Tue) 14:53:15.37
Do you have a skype?

6Anonymous2015/01/27(Tue) 06:51:52.51
I am looking for someone to chat, in Japanese or English. Add me on skype: o n u r 1 4 5 3 2
(delete the spaces). I can try to help you with your English studies if you need :3

7Anonymous2015/01/31(Sat) 17:32:16.42
YES we can

8Anonymous2015/04/07(Tue) 18:25:51.00

9Anonymous2015/04/25(Sat) 11:47:12.24
Ohayō, furansujin desu. Nihongo o manabu.
I'm french I need to learn japaness too,
thank .

10Anonymous2015/05/16(Sat) 05:47:54.22
I'm also trying to learn japanese, since I want to visit the country sometime in the near future.
I can either teach you portuguese or english, which are the two languages I'm fluent with.

If you're interested, send me an email! :D

(yes, that is a legitimate email address lmao)

11Anonymous2015/05/28(Thu) 13:47:11.23
French English Arabic? Are you from Morocco?

12Anonymous2016/03/10(Thu) 23:47:37.45

13Anonymous2016/03/11(Fri) 11:12:58.95
Fucking spammers.

14Anonymous2016/03/27(Sun) 14:27:10.94
How can I "sage" in 2ch ?

15Anonymous2016/03/29(Tue) 18:24:39.80
you write "sage" at e-mail space

16Anonymous2016/05/11(Wed) 07:43:58.93


I think sage is disabled on these boards.


Yep, it's disabled.

19Anonymous2016/06/18(Sat) 03:20:19.43
Why is

20Anonymous2016/06/18(Sat) 03:21:57.91
Why did most of my post disappear?
What I said was this:
Why is "‰Ί‚°" written as "sage" in English? It's not pronounced even remotely the same way. "‰Ί‚°" is more like "sah-gay"

21Anonymous2016/06/18(Sat) 10:17:46.64
Short for sageru.

22Anonymous2016/08/01(Mon) 10:10:35.08
this board is taken over by gay too ....

23Anonymous2016/08/14(Sun) 06:28:58.52
Because it's not written

24Anonymous2017/02/19(Sun) 05:46:52.26
I believe its because it's in roumaji.

25Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 23:40:07.06
Japanese roma-ji is spmetimes different from the pronunciation.

26Anonymous2017/06/07(Wed) 23:00:52.23