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1Anonymous2017/11/18(Sat) 23:16:51.13
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2Anonymous2017/11/18(Sat) 23:19:15.44
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3Anonymous2017/11/18(Sat) 23:21:35.92
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4Anonymous2017/11/22(Wed) 20:43:32.34
nigga means bitter in Japanese.

5Anonymous2018/02/01(Thu) 03:59:44.28
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6Anonymous2018/02/08(Thu) 22:52:18.90
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7Anonymous2018/04/10(Tue) 05:04:10.88
knigga („{„~„y„s„p) means "book" in russian.

8Anonymous2018/04/10(Tue) 09:05:48.62
„r„y„t„y„„ „~„y„s„p "„r „{„~„y„s„u „†„y„s„p".