Legal marijuana helps Canadian Girl Guide sell cookies

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2018/10/21(Sun) 02:09:09.78
A 9-year-old Canadian girl quickly sold out of the cookies she was selling for the Girl Guides by setting up shop outside a marijuana store.

Elina Childs, 9, set up Wednesday outside Nova Cannabis, an Edmonton, Alberta, marijuana shop, to take advantage of the foot traffic from the first day of legal cannabis sales across Canada.

The girl quickly sold all 30 boxes of cookies she bought, raising more than $90 for the Girl Guides, a Canadian group similar to the Girl Scouts in the United States.

Seann Childs, Elina's father, said he saw it as both a business opportunity for his daughter and an opportunity to teach her about Canada's new marijuana rules.

"We were going to sell them in the neighborhood and it's always been a little slow," he told CTV News. "Elina was actually bit by a dog once."

The father said selling all of the cookies took under 45 minutes.

"It amazed me how quickly they went," Childs told CBC News. "Even people in cars driving on the avenue there would stop and roll down their window and ask for cookies."

He said the experience was educational for Elina.

"We were looking at it as an opportunity to educate her on what marijuana is and the fact that it's legal in Canada now," Childs said.

"We talked about ... what it was and what it means for people who want to use it and people who don't want to use it," he said.