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22: Record 37,000 children suspected to have suffered abuse in Japan (4)

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25: Girls bear the brunt of a rise in U.S. cyberbullying (2)

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30: Therapy dogs can spread superbugs to kids, hospital tests find (4)

31: Tokyo’s Keio University student rape allegation [無断転載禁止]©2ch.net (16)

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35: Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market ends 83 yrs of business for rel (1)

36: IMF urges Japan to ensure tax hike goes smoothly (1)

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39: Indonesian quake, tsunami death toll rises to 384: ... (1)

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41: Abe re-elected as ruling party head, eyes amending Constitution (1)

42: ★ 5ちゃんねるからのお知らせ (6)


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1 名前:Anonymous (5級) (ワッチョイ f6ac-2web) 2022/05/15(Sun) 01:25:11.32

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The coronavirus may attack T cells, similar to HIV

1 名前:Anonymous 2020/04/14(Tue) 14:54:34.90
Another study from researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai and the New York Blood Center provides more harrowing evidence for the long-term consequences of contracting the virus.
According to the findings published in the journal Cellular & Molecular Immunology, when the researchers initiated contact between COVID-19 and lab-grown T lymphocytes — better known as T cells — the virus disabled the cells, which help identify and eliminate pathogens in the body.
The researchers also found that SARS, a related coronavirus, could not infect T cells. The study found that COVID-19’s damage to the T lymphocytes resembled that caused by HIV.
2 名前:Anonymous 2020/04/14(Tue) 14:57:16.84
SARS-CoV-2 infects T lymphocytes through its spike protein-mediated membrane fusion


Published: 07 April 2020
3 名前:Anonymous 2021/04/05(Mon) 00:51:35.68
China has developed a corona virus in Wuhan to destroy the United States.
4 名前:Anonymous 2021/04/05(Mon) 00:51:59.65
Our enemies are Chinese, not Asians.

Japan is our best friend.
Korea is an enemy.
China is the enemy of the world.
5 名前:Anonymous 2022/04/25(Mon) 17:11:21.99
Some people think COVID-19 is just like a flu nowadays.

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TEST thread [無断転載禁止]©5ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 2015/12/23(Wed) 22:50:18.49
this is TEST thread
32 名前:Anonymous 2017/12/14(Thu) 01:59:49.99
33 名前:Anonymous 2017/12/16(Sat) 00:15:24.00
34 名前:Anonymous 2018/06/29(Fri) 21:43:09.17
35 名前:Anonymous 2018/09/08(Sat) 07:04:34.89
36 名前:Anonymous 2018/09/08(Sat) 07:04:53.06
37 名前:Anonymous 2018/11/18(Sun) 18:57:24.52
38 名前:Anonymous 2019/02/18(Mon) 20:15:22.99
39 名前:Anonymous 2019/03/01(Fri) 17:12:09.11
40 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/05(Sun) 22:08:48.84
41 名前:Anonymous 2022/04/01(Fri) 22:24:47.11

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test&#010test [無断転載禁止]©5ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 2017/04/15(Sat) 22:43:51.75
22 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/20(Tue) 00:52:41.29
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23 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/20(Tue) 00:52:57.36
http://twitcasting.tv/ 👀
Rock54: Caution(BBR-MD5:f141ee6c8a765bcc8a4ce39517419091)
24 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/20(Tue) 00:52:58.95
http://twitcasting.tv/ 👀
Rock54: Caution(BBR-MD5:f141ee6c8a765bcc8a4ce39517419091)
25 名前:Anonymous 2017/07/18(Tue) 05:17:56.99
26 名前:Anonymous 2017/07/19(Wed) 03:30:51.89
27 名前:Anonymous 2017/08/07(Mon) 08:29:59.49
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28 名前:Anonymous 2018/11/18(Sun) 18:55:16.82
29 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/04(Sat) 03:08:09.66
The United States will use underground penetrations for North Korean military facilities. Then, he goes on to bet on Kim Jong-un. To counter these, North Korea might use nuclear missiles.
30 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/16(Thu) 00:47:28.67
31 名前:Anonymous 2020/09/30(Wed) 20:56:32.45

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Sheriff's deputy rescues skunk with cup stuck on head

1 名前:Anonymous 2018/10/21(Sun) 02:07:25.63
A California sheriff's deputy overcame his fear of bad odors and used his bare hands to pull a plastic cup from the head of an unlucky skunk.

The Mariposa County Sheriff's Office said Deputy Crane called for backup Wednesday night when he spotted the skunk running around with a cup stuck over its head.

Sgt. Charman responded to the scene, but remained in his car and filmed as Crane attempted to rescue the animal.

The video shows Crane attempting unsuccessfully to use a pole to remove the cup from a distance, but he eventually gave up and used his hands.

"Deputy Crane felt bad for the skunk but was obviously reluctant to approach it," the sheriff's office wrote. "Deputy Crane mustered the courage and after nearly 10 minutes of trying to use his baton to pull off the cup (as shown in the video), grabbed the cup with his bare hands and freed the skunk from its bonds!"
2 名前:Anonymous 2020/09/21(Mon) 18:09:08.07

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Video of German police harassing homeless man to be investigated

1 名前:Anonymous 2020/06/14(Sun) 09:29:13.39
Video of German police harassing homeless man to be investigated


A police conduct inquiry is underway in Germany's eastern state of Brandenburg. Two officers have been suspended after a video emerged of a drunken man being shoved and verbally abused.
Two police officers from Germany's eastern state of Brandenburg have been suspended after a video emerged of them harassing a 70-year-old homeless man.

The footage purportedly shows one officer shoving the inebriated man last Sunday night before trying to kick him.

2 名前:Anonymous 2020/09/14(Mon) 00:56:28.95
oh yeah

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1 名前:Anonymous 2020/01/14(Tue) 02:42:12.28
2 名前:Anonymous 2020/02/27(Thu) 20:05:52.35
nibann getto!!
3 名前:Anonymous 2020/02/27(Thu) 20:12:58.32
It is cloudy and sometimes rainy from morning.
4 名前:Anonymous 2020/07/31(Fri) 23:51:49.83
It seems very few people read this board.

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Germany struggles to face its own police racism

1 名前:Anonymous 2020/06/12(Fri) 00:27:27.33


As riots triggered by the death of George Floyd spread across the US, many activists in Germany want the police to face its own accusations of racist violence.
Several people of color have been killed by police or died in custody in the last 20 years — the most well-known being Sierra Leonean asylum-seeker Oury Jalloh, whose burned body was found in a police cell in Dessau in 2005.

And there have been many others: From Cameroonian asylum-seeker Achidi John, who died after being forced to take emetics, a drug that causes vomiting, while in custody in Hamburg in 2001, to Hussam Hussein, an Iraqi refugee who was shot dead outside a refugee home in Berlin in 2016.

Everyday experience 

These cases might have scandalized many, but for black people in Germany they are simply deadly examples of racial profiling they face every day, even though that has long been officially banned.
"The African community has never had the experience that the police is there to protect them," said Sylvie Nantcha, founder and head of The African Network of Germany (TANG).
"Rather they have the impression that the police is there to suspect them."

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German P arrest 11 ppl 4 sexual abusing children & filming-

1 名前:Anonymous 2020/06/09(Tue) 03:57:33.49

Eleven people have been arrested on suspicion of severely abusing at least three boys after police broke up a child pornography ring that peddled “unfathomable images” over the internet in Germany. 

Close relatives of the boys, ages 5, 10, and 12 including one set of parents and an uncle were among those arrested, the police said at a press conference. 

Investigators identified the suspects from videos recovered from professionally encrypted hard drives that they seized and are still working to unlock, the authorities said.
Joachim Poll, who headed the investigation for the Münster police said that the recovered footage showed shocking abuse over “several hours” of the two younger boys by four men.

“You can’t imagine it. These men, if you can call them that, acted maliciously by encrypting all their discussions on their cell phones.”
He also disclosed that the main suspect in the case, a 27-year-old information technology technician from Münster encrypted more than 500 terabytes of child pornography.

“All of the hard drives are highly professionally encrypted,” he said. “They are so well done that we have not yet been able to access all of them.”

Police said the suspect had equipped a specially cooled room in his basement with seven servers holding the images on encrypted hard drives. 
They believe many of the images were filmed in a cabin fitted with surveillance cameras inside and out, on a countryside property owned by the main suspect’s mother.

That woman was also arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting the abuse, Mr. Poll said. The parents of the 5-year-old and the uncle of the 12-year-old were also among those arrested.


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In Germany, police arrested a gang of seven pedophiles

1 名前:Anonymous 2020/06/08(Mon) 22:28:31.57
In Germany the police stopped the activities of criminals in the case of rape of minors. Reported about the detention of not less than seven pedophiles.

According to some, the local authorities managed to establish the involvement from 11 citizens to commit violent acts of sexual character concerning minors.
As a result of this investigation police have arrested seven suspects, four of them are wanted. According to investigators, the detained adults were also engaged in the distribution of child pornography in Germany.
At the moment it is established that victims of unlawful actions of the suspects were three boys aged 5-12 years.

In addition, it is also reported about the arrest of the main suspect – 27-year-old man. The guards even managed to establish his connection with distributing child pornography. Investigation in this high-profile case continues.


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