I'm going to improve my English skill in this thread [転載禁止]©2ch.net
0001Anonymous2015/01/26(Mon) 16:06:19.64
my TOEIC score is 360 now. XD
0019Anonymous2015/05/28(Thu) 13:50:03.29
What do you think about the Fifa officials getting arrested?
0020Anonymous2015/06/11(Thu) 01:59:08.07
TOEIC is really shitty test, its not worth mentioning at ALL.

In my experience, try to pay attention to interrogative word(i.e. what, why, who, how...) in the questions and words in the problem choices.
You'll find that most of the problems can be answered even you don't know the whole statements.
0021Anonymous2015/06/13(Sat) 18:02:07.96
I am a native English speaker in Australia.

Your English is understandable. However...
Smiley faces are not a substitute for full stops.
You typed "Would like to...", when it should be "I would like to..." (both times)
You type "my sentence mistake". If you don't know how many of something there are, then you should use plural. E.g. "How many cars do you own", "I would like to know about banks that are nearby".
0022Anonymous2015/06/24(Wed) 10:09:15.69
I think that they are corrupt but most likely will not be convited.
There have been many accusations etc. in the past but they lead to nothing.
0023Anonymous2015/08/17(Mon) 12:06:25.64
I only listen to Japanese covers of old American songs. I had listened to a version of George Michael's Careless Whisper once but I never found it again. So sad.
0024Anonymous2015/08/26(Wed) 13:41:55.80
teach me japanese im living in tokushima came here from dubai :)
skype mubariz.khan
0025Anonymous2015/08/26(Wed) 13:42:47.09
teach me japanese & i'll teach english to you. im living in tokushima came here from dubai :)
skype mubariz.khan
0027Anonymous2016/02/18(Thu) 05:42:37.75
I LOVE BASEBALL and I am from Finland :)
Here we play PESÄPALLO but we love your true baseball as well
0028Anonymous2016/02/19(Fri) 18:42:58.06
im gamer
0029Anonymous2016/02/19(Fri) 18:45:57.60

0030Anonymous2016/03/09(Wed) 06:00:31.91
If you have the opportunity, I recommend trying an exchange to an English speaking country. If this isn't possible, make friends with English speaking foreigners and do language exchange.
0031Anonymous2016/04/03(Sun) 01:42:17.24
TOKYO 098968-3332
0032Anonymous2016/05/12(Thu) 00:27:58.81
What's that?
0033Anonymous2016/05/20(Fri) 00:05:03.82
I wonder whether people even visit this place.

English is not my native, but I can surely help you with it. Ask me here.
0034Anonymous2016/05/20(Fri) 00:45:05.95
>English is not my native
In English, you can't just say things like "is not my native". You have to define what you're talking about. You should say "English is not my native language".
0035Anonymous2016/06/11(Sat) 13:36:56.28
Who Red Sox fan here?
0036Anonymous2016/06/11(Sat) 13:49:20.34
Oshite Ellen Baker-sensei
0037Anonymous2016/06/13(Mon) 13:53:24.34
You don't have to use honourifics when typing in English, especially considering most English speakers don't know what they mean.
0038Anonymous2016/06/21(Tue) 17:34:21.88
Fuck fuck fuck!!!!!
0039Anonymous2016/06/26(Sun) 02:47:43.95
But XD looks very native.
0040Anonymous2016/06/26(Sun) 09:13:33.01
If you ever wrote something like "lol XD" in a job application, it would go straight to the garbage.
It's only common on certain internet sites.
0041Anonymous2016/07/07(Thu) 17:43:24.13
a message board isn't a job application you idiot retard!
0042Anonymous2016/07/08(Fri) 20:04:35.68
>idiot retard
That's redundant, retards are usually idiots. Simply writing "retard" would suffice.
0043Anonymous2016/07/17(Sun) 18:31:47.29
Maybe he was using it as an intensifier, you silly bitch.
0044Anonymous2016/07/21(Thu) 04:49:21.92
that feel when you'll never romance a japanese hiki and teach her english
and be her funny american

why is life suffering!
0045Anonymous2016/07/22(Fri) 09:31:29.62
top kek
0046Anonymous2016/07/24(Sun) 00:42:06.17
Please teach me Japanese.
0047Anonymous2016/08/01(Mon) 09:51:38.20
at first, greeting in japanese.
0048Anonymous2016/09/04(Sun) 20:10:26.76
Yes, Right.

For example.

In the name of moon, I'll punish you.

"Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo"
0049Anonymous2016/10/18(Tue) 18:49:49.51
0051Anonymous2017/02/16(Thu) 02:00:16.08
0052Anonymous2017/02/20(Mon) 03:28:12.56
I've learned about 10 hiraganga in the last six months.
Is my learning too slow to master Japanese language within my lifetime?
I really want to read the manga.
0053Anonymous2017/02/20(Mon) 06:23:23.51
If it took you 6 months of full time studying to learn 10 hiragana then yes.
0054Anonymous2017/03/03(Fri) 19:20:11.73
I is happy to help you with your engrish and hiraganga, tomodachi-senpai-kun.
0055Anonymous2017/03/07(Tue) 01:33:44.22
>> 52

Oh for fuck's sake, Anon. You, not

me even trying. Here, let me spoonfeed you a hint.
1. Go to Youtube.
2. Look up that Vocaloid song "Iroha . Uta "
. 3. Memorize the Chorus It Goes Like This:
Ho-he Iroha
the paint dust
young Yotare Resona
Uino Okuyama
Kefukoe on
Asaki Yumemishi Shi
Wehimose be

Memorize how To write those 8 lines it in that order. Boom, you have a cheat sheet and you now know 2 extra kana. Yay you.
0056Anonymous2017/03/07(Tue) 01:37:27.63

...Okay that just got borked.

Don't follow that transliteration that the original poem somehow turned into. Just look up Iroha on Wikipedia.
0057Anonymous2018/05/06(Sun) 22:56:13.31
I’m a junior student in an university in Tokyo and gonna go to the US next semester as an exchange student!
I’ve already done a year exchange in Europe several years ago and very excited to do exchange again:) Any tips for exchange in US???
0058Anonymous2018/05/07(Mon) 23:23:01.47
Dont get shot.
0059Anonymous2018/05/08(Tue) 07:49:47.09
OTINPO milk umauma
0060Anonymous2018/05/10(Thu) 04:26:33.52
I’m a junior student in an university in Tokyo and [I'm] gonna go to the US next semester as an exchange student!
I’ve already done a year exchange in Europe several years ago and [I'm] very excited to do [an] exchange again:) Any tips for exchange in US???
0062Anonymous2021/02/06(Sat) 15:17:25.33
Buy a bulletproof vest. Also, where in the US are you planning to go?
0063Anonymous2022/04/02(Sat) 06:23:08.84
0064Anonymous2022/04/02(Sat) 07:02:51.77
Why don't you come to the new chat in english?
Why new one?
Because 5ch will be closed someday in the near future.


0065Anonymous2022/04/22(Fri) 16:16:50.63
No one here.
0066Anonymous2022/05/01(Sun) 07:53:52.52
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