Why doesn't foreigner come here ??? [転載禁止]©2ch.net
0001Anonymous2015/05/22(Fri) 12:15:15.85
Embassy not to function.
0502Anonymous2019/03/01(Fri) 14:10:02.93
Most people are intimidated by the board list because there's 1000 of them and don't know where to look.

People looking for English discussion either find the "Chat in English" thread on the English board, accidentally end up in BBSPINK's English board, or get lucky enough to see the Embassy in the board list.

Other people just want to know what boards are popular or find out that they can't post because of the board settings.
0503Anonymous2019/03/02(Sat) 13:47:53.95
the gaijin that come here use google translate to navigate and steal memes
0504Anonymous2019/03/16(Sat) 18:55:16.86
0505Anonymous2019/03/19(Tue) 16:31:11.12

tera warosu…lol
0506Anonymous2019/03/26(Tue) 06:38:15.12
The foreigners that do come here, come because a random japanese poster in some foreign website has linked them this place. A not very likely occurrence
But I'm here because of it right now.
0507Anonymous2019/03/28(Thu) 01:30:38.09
Didn't know they had ads of 5ch, huh.
0508Anonymous2019/05/19(Sun) 06:12:56.29
I am from hongkong and live in osaka
0509Anonymous2019/05/24(Fri) 15:07:32.13
We didn't say Japan. We meant 5channel.
0511Anonymous2019/06/26(Wed) 16:24:45.30
Hello, I’m Toma.
I wanna chat with someone in English.
0512Anonymous2019/07/12(Fri) 22:46:02.87
0513Anonymous2019/07/15(Mon) 20:08:03.85
Hey there.
Just gonna warn you, expect some weird people here lol
0514Anonymous2019/07/17(Wed) 10:30:38.58
hello, this is probably the first and last time i make a thread here :)
0515Anonymous2019/07/18(Thu) 17:41:00.21
i know you're probably not gonna come back, but it's not called as a thread fyi
0516Anonymous2019/07/27(Sat) 19:16:21.33
it is very hot today
0517Anonymous2019/08/19(Mon) 21:00:54.55
wanna talk native speakers
anybody volunteer?
0518Anonymous2019/08/30(Fri) 04:34:20.01
0519Anonymous2019/09/19(Thu) 01:10:38.46
Good night
0520Anonymous2019/09/19(Thu) 03:31:16.90
I’m Japanese. Do you guys live in Japan?
0521Anonymous2019/09/22(Sun) 07:16:53.08
0522Anonymous2019/10/11(Fri) 20:10:15.91
0523Anonymous2019/10/12(Sat) 15:50:07.41
0524Anonymous2019/11/04(Mon) 18:01:23.35
0525Anonymous2019/11/05(Tue) 05:04:41.82
0526Anonymous2020/06/29(Mon) 10:43:35.02
I don't even know where I am.

This seems like a nice place to get lost in.
0528Anonymous2020/08/25(Tue) 07:40:42.33
I seem most American white people are racist.
There not is patriotism without racism for them.
If Japan had been a win in world war II, racism would vanish from the world.
0529Anonymous2020/08/30(Sun) 16:23:47.93
"hug this guy's ass" what's mean?
0530Anonymous2020/09/24(Thu) 05:52:39.53
And here I am
0531Anonymous2020/09/27(Sun) 11:40:52.21
I'm from Mongolia and live in FaroeIslands
0532Anonymous2020/11/09(Mon) 16:01:24.78

I'm an American white person, and I'm not racist!

I've also yet to meet someone in person who is racist.

Almost everyone on the politics board of 4chan is racist, though.

If you went there thinking that kind of thing is mainstream, then I can see why you would think most white Americans are racist.
0533Anonymous2020/12/12(Sat) 07:44:34.67
Why would foreigners come here when there are English-speaking boards like 4chan?
0534Anonymous2020/12/14(Mon) 10:49:17.80
For adventure!
0535Anonymous2020/12/22(Tue) 12:41:14.62
im from indonesia but i usually post on 4ch

hello japanese and overseas friends
0536Anonymous2020/12/22(Tue) 12:44:53.42
BIG kusa
0537Anonymous2021/01/15(Fri) 14:21:23.15
Japanese people are cool.
0538Anonymous2021/01/29(Fri) 09:02:24.53
I am from Hong Kong!
Free Hong Kong! Fuck CCP!
0539Anonymous2021/02/05(Fri) 05:49:49.01
Europe was georestricted after GDPR so they can't even see the site without VPN.
0540Anonymous2021/03/08(Mon) 13:46:50.34
I mean, im a foreigner (USA) who comes here. Learning Japanese and 4chan is boring lol
0541Anonymous2021/05/06(Thu) 18:01:39.60
Do not talk of 4chan here, dummies.
We love Japanese and we love Chinese. Long live CCP!
0542Anonymous2021/06/30(Wed) 20:57:00.36
I had to use a VPN to even view this board.
Then it blocked me from posting because I was using a VPN.
So I used several VPNs in hope this post goes through.
0543Anonymous2021/07/05(Mon) 07:34:56.97
Hi, I'm from Canada. I think because it is very difficult to navigate this site if a person cannot read Japanese.
0544Anonymous2021/07/16(Fri) 04:18:48.18
I'm from the UK and not all of my Japanese friends visit here because of geoblocking
0545Anonymous2021/12/08(Wed) 09:42:52.73
anybody here?
0546Anonymous2021/12/12(Sun) 21:26:32.02
I am here. Hello. I came to see if there is anything to help me with learning Japanese, but I have plenty time to learn. I can just browse.
0547Anonymous2021/12/16(Thu) 10:18:31.22
but i dont know how your japanese level is.
please speak japanese.
first of all,greeting

0548Anonymous2023/10/19(Thu) 21:17:31.53
0549Anonymous2023/11/23(Thu) 10:19:09.62
0550Anonymous2023/12/08(Fri) 00:25:28.27
>>1 'Cause foreigners don't know this board, I think.
0551Anonymous2023/12/12(Tue) 14:22:58.13
yo. moved to japan like a month ago. it's kinda lonely.
0552Anonymous2024/02/26(Mon) 14:42:26.28
Make Japanese friends