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0001Anonymous2015/06/24(Wed) 10:18:47.70
There doesn't seem to be much happening here, every thread seems to have 2/3 weeks between comments!
Why is there noboby here, will anyone even read this.
0002Anonymous2015/06/26(Fri) 01:49:37.94
Hello. Where are you from?
0003Anonymous2015/06/26(Fri) 02:32:18.09
Please >>1 , enlighten me and >>2 about your origin!
0004Anonymous2015/06/27(Sat) 03:15:04.15
>>1 here.
I'm from Scotland. What about yourselves >>2 and >>3?
0005Anonymous2015/06/28(Sun) 06:28:18.36
Hello all ^^
Personally I'm from France. ^^
Actually I'm trying to learn japanese
0006Anonymous2015/06/29(Mon) 11:17:25.88
>>3 here.
I'm from Lithuania myself, so that's that.
Hopefully this place will gradually become more active.
0007Anonymous2015/06/29(Mon) 12:04:21.35
Western United States here, we could probably attempt to establish an active English board on 2chan if we pulled folks from the right places :P
0008Anonymous2015/07/15(Wed) 14:12:48.54
Malaysia here. Want to work in Japan.
0009Anonymous2015/09/04(Fri) 04:47:40.67
Finland here, why is this place so utterly dead?

Shouganai na
0010Anonymous2015/09/23(Wed) 05:45:19.82
Poland here! Only 2.5 weeks between posts!
0011Anonymous2015/09/23(Wed) 10:57:05.33
Ecuador here. This board is strange.
0012Anonymous2015/09/23(Wed) 22:14:10.64
Russia here my friends
0013Anonymous2015/10/09(Fri) 01:04:30.22
American here
0014Anonymous2015/12/09(Wed) 21:21:08.73
0015Anonymous2016/01/02(Sat) 02:42:03.77
Greetings from the dutch
0016Anonymous2016/01/12(Tue) 13:14:13.11
howdy from the great nation of Texas
0017Anonymous2016/01/22(Fri) 01:31:25.23
THAILAND say hello
0018Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 22:43:37.77
Truly >>4-17 are Japanese!
0019Anonymous2016/02/12(Fri) 01:08:28.03
Japanese is your mom, tbh.
0020Anonymous2016/03/27(Sun) 14:25:47.11
testing "sage".
0021Anonymous2016/04/03(Sun) 01:36:42.54
TOKYO KURIKKU 098968-3332
0022Anonymous2016/05/11(Wed) 07:45:22.57
I love the spam and "hello konichiwa !! i loves japanese tbh lads teach it to me my skype is xxxxxxxxxx".
0023Anonymous2016/05/15(Sun) 11:34:54.86
I'm suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks!! Supersonic terrorisms!!
Help me!!
0024Anonymous2016/05/18(Wed) 09:01:59.52
>There doesn't seem to be much happening here, every thread seems to have 2/3 weeks between comments
because nobody knows it exists. 2ch is obscure in the west, and the
people who do know of it probably don't know there are boards non-japanese
can post on.
0025Anonymous2016/05/18(Wed) 23:08:31.70
This board seems to be relatively active compared to the board English boards, it gets posts everyday it seems.
0026Anonymous2016/09/19(Mon) 19:54:24.41
Absolutely true and it will never gain much unless users are aware it exists. All I can think of is to make threads on /b/ if you want more traffic here.
0027Anonymous2016/09/20(Tue) 18:57:11.61
That is a very bad idea.
Many users on /b/ (both 4chan and 8ch) aren't exactly high-quality posters.
/b/ is generally considered a cesspool.
You will get several threads everyday complaining that they can't post images and they'll constantly make the same posts which will all be as follows:
"Cuck Monkey XDDDD :^)"
"moot did nothing wrong"
"Two nukes wasn't enough"
And so on..
0028Anonymous2016/09/22(Thu) 02:01:13.61
The decadence of western board culture.
0029Anonymous2016/09/22(Thu) 08:20:57.86
0030Anonymous2016/10/02(Sun) 13:45:39.81
What the fuck? What is this place?
0031Anonymous2016/10/04(Tue) 14:59:27.02
The board or the site?
The site is a Japanese textboard. It's kind of like 4chan without images, but it predates 4chan many years.
This board is for foreign languages.
0032Anonymous2016/11/17(Thu) 16:49:01.89
Well, what do we have here? I feel like I'm in the land of 1999 again.
0033Anonymous2016/12/05(Mon) 16:35:57.17
Just chill and talk like any other classic bbs style board.
0034Anonymous2017/01/02(Mon) 15:48:44.08
Well, do any of you guys wanna try using 8ch if you've never used it before?
It's owned by the same people who own this website.
We've got a board that's kinda like this there, it's 8ch.net/int/, but it's far more active than here
0035Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 05:01:39.59
>browsing /int/
0036Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 05:53:42.69
Good day... I'm very glad I have found this board. I know it might be a lot slower, but its a break from the usual cancer.
Have a good day, everybody.
0037Anonymous2017/02/17(Fri) 13:00:32.24
>Telling them to browse shit
tbh kys fam
0038Anonymous2017/02/18(Sat) 00:38:44.25
You are posting in a very western way.
That arrow is for quoting, not for using abstract sentences.
No one will understand those abbreviations.
0040Anonymous2019/04/02(Tue) 03:23:16.21
not much foreigners know this site

2channel's abbreviation is 2ch, tho since it's now 5channel, you know
0041Anonymous2019/04/19(Fri) 01:02:41.35
2chan is FUTABA channel,2ch is 2channel
0042Anonymous2019/04/19(Fri) 17:23:49.19
now 2channel is 5channel, people wouldn't get confused between 5channel and futaba channel.
though i do actually like the idea of getting an active english board here, just hopefully it would just be chill, but it's a textboard site, who knows whatever could happen
0043Anonymous2019/10/20(Sun) 07:33:06.46
0044Anonymous2020/02/01(Sat) 16:25:38.29
0045Anonymous2022/10/14(Fri) 19:24:56.46