0001Anonymous2017/10/03(Tue) 09:00:27.02
I'm from Germany and wanna lern some nihonjin cuz it's the best place 2 be and in near future I wanna travel there 2 live there and also work there but I don't even can speak the language good
If u help me I also can teach u English and german
Thx 4 Reply BTW
0002Anonymous2017/10/07(Sat) 18:02:39.91
0003Anonymous2017/10/11(Wed) 10:33:09.80
Hey where R U from?
0004Anonymous2018/12/30(Sun) 10:31:20.67
Correction: it's nihongo
-go - language
-jin - nationality
0005Anonymous2019/08/19(Mon) 16:59:16.12
Hi, I'm from Russia (I arrived here from dvach)
Board dead? I wanted to chat :Р
0006Anonymous2019/09/07(Sat) 08:35:23.92
dvach <- can't pronounce
0007Anonymous2019/09/14(Sat) 00:56:58.72
0008Anonymous2019/10/18(Fri) 23:52:20.22
0009Anonymous2020/03/06(Fri) 00:30:49.75
RUSSKIE EST?)))))))))
0010Anonymous2020/06/28(Sun) 00:22:00.41
byili est' i budut est' :-)
0011Anonymous2020/06/28(Sun) 00:34:53.03
dva - it is 2 in russian