I'd like to make a friend to practice Japanese With!
0001Anonymous2020/12/27(Sun) 12:01:05.88
Well, this board is dead as fuck so I don't know if anyone will bite, but I need someone to practice with. I have the ultimate goal of maybe studying in Japan one day. I am an American.
I'd like to make some more Japanese friends, but even non Japanese people will do as long as you're able to converse in Japanese. I've been studying for quite some time but I want to be able to talk naturally without defaulting to English. I think I can understand things alright but my trouble comes when I try to express my own thoughts in Japanese.
I can also help anyone with their English.
I'm also a huge depressed loser degenerate avid 4chan user so maybe we can get along.
0002Anonymous2020/12/27(Sun) 12:14:00.67
I'm aware that studying in Japan may as well be a pipe dream because I'm stupid as fuck and poor as piss, but I gotta have a goal to work towards before I kms. I'd like to maybe take the JLPT and try to get a scholarship and/or make enough money for language school. I can contact via email or discord.
Probably wont ever check this thread again so if you're interested:
0003Anonymous2021/08/17(Tue) 07:13:30.63
nihonngo wakarimasuka?
0004Anonymous2021/08/17(Tue) 18:25:02.60

0005Anonymous2021/09/10(Fri) 20:18:30.37
Me too
0006Anonymous2021/12/04(Sat) 16:59:08.88
0008Anonymous2022/03/24(Thu) 12:27:30.76

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