All foreigners, report here! [無断転載禁止]©
0002Anonymous2017/04/19(Wed) 07:59:11.15
0003Anonymous2017/04/29(Sat) 02:04:11.78
came to lurk and improve my japanese hun
0004Anonymous2017/05/01(Mon) 11:51:55.54
Texan here. Nothing here. why do I stay. Don't know.

Time will tell what becomes of these boards. A thousand years of shit-posting to become of these boards.
0005Anonymous2017/05/03(Wed) 21:03:09.31
>>4 Floridian here and I honestly don't know how these boards are so up. They're probably the most inactive boards on 2ch.
0006Anonymous2017/07/28(Fri) 13:28:05.96
did I post this? It's been a while and I don't remember.
0007Anonymous2017/08/01(Tue) 17:27:07.71
>>6 are you a texan?
0008Anonymous2017/08/06(Sun) 12:15:25.63
Oh shit!! I remember now!
0010Anonymous2017/08/22(Tue) 23:24:52.07
I'm seeing a lot of foreigners these days in Tokyo..
Are they all actually living here or just a traveller?
0011Anonymous2018/06/30(Sat) 07:06:34.32
>Who are you?
some guy
>Where are you from?
Puerto Rico
>Why do you browse it?
I like anime and Japan
0013Anonymous2018/12/25(Tue) 11:22:33.85
Californian here. I came here to steal their memes and because I am bored sometimes.
0014Anonymous2019/03/31(Sun) 21:29:16.51
0015Anonymous2019/04/02(Tue) 13:01:43.86
I do browse just to find some stuff to talk about
I don't know why I would come back, but I do
I'm just some random train otaku
I'm from the Philippines, sucks to be Filipino here
0016Anonymous2019/08/17(Sat) 16:20:17.57
Mabuhay kaibigan !Saan ka nakatira gayon?
Ako ay hapon pero bachlor lang.
Ako nakatiira dito tohoku region.
Anyway ingat kayo ang haba ng pananatili!
0017Anonymous2020/04/17(Fri) 02:05:10.80
I've recently started learning japanese and I want to see if I will ever manage to learn enough to lurk here.
0019Anonymous2020/07/04(Sat) 20:06:57.64
Posting here because I just discovered that there existed english imageboards here and I wanted to check them out
am from catalonia, using a vpn because for some reason only americans can post here
0020Anonymous2021/03/15(Mon) 06:53:39.46
I'm hoping to find an old freeware doujin game called Pop Snake 99. There was a link in another thread -, but it's dead. Maybe someone who is able to post there could ask for a re-upload.
0021Anonymous2023/01/09(Mon) 02:41:36.99