What does CP mean in 5ch threads?
0001Anonymous2019/05/01(Wed) 05:49:43.02
As in that thing with numbers on the thread next to the number of replies (example: "CP:0") i can only read a bit of japanese so it would be more helpful if you explain it to me in english instead of just linking to another thread in 5ch.
0002Anonymous2019/05/01(Wed) 21:41:59.34
Maybe thread speed
0005Anonymous2019/05/02(Thu) 01:19:53.17
google translate isn't that good so i think
it's better to just ask 5ch anons.
0006Anonymous2019/05/02(Thu) 12:26:46.70
No!!! CP is forbidden!
0009Anonymous2023/03/03(Fri) 10:01:22.91
it's a count of how much cp you have on their computer. 5ch is the only platform with the world reowned cheese pizza photo sniffer..... better hide it before they find it heheheh......