【TRUTH】If you eat pig your throat become pig too
0001Anonymous2018/11/22(Thu) 20:34:42.18
Use tare
0002Anonymous2018/11/22(Thu) 21:23:05.57
Low killness is high sustainability
To shift to multidimensional era
Long ago samurai even hungry got a toothpick for TAIGI
But neo-samurai also fill his belly with kindness
Meat store will receives compensation
Now fill your soul core with high frequency energy
Let's live creative!!
And taste our tare....
0003Anonymous2019/03/24(Sun) 23:24:16.78
We could not live without them
Thank you so much for joyful powerful time
Thank you
0004Anonymous2019/08/10(Sat) 14:59:43.26
When sun is way up;
I eat pork everyday;
It is delicious.