I wanna be able to write English without using translation tools
0001Anonymous2021/08/16(Mon) 00:50:50.32
This is a thread where the slayer wants to write something on a daily basis while studying English.
0002Anonymous2021/08/16(Mon) 00:59:09.84
It seems that "thread owner" is correct, not "slayer". DeepL is inaccurate.
0003Anonymous2021/08/16(Mon) 01:02:47.24
I think I'll go to bed.

Immerse yourself into Burger media my fren
0005Anonymous2022/04/03(Sun) 20:32:42.24
Read dictionary don't post shit here about your wishes stupid
0006Anonymous2022/04/20(Wed) 15:56:14.58
Good luck friend, english is kind of hard to learn at first but it opens alot of doors