Why doesn't foreigner come here ??? [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/05/22(Fri) 12:15:15.85
Embassy not to function.

2Anonymous2015/05/26(Tue) 19:36:10.99
Hello, I'm here now. I'm from Germany, gonna be visiting Tokyo in October.

3Anonymous2015/05/27(Wed) 08:29:03.56
to travel?m m8

4Anonymous2015/05/28(Thu) 13:46:34.89
I'm here too. How was your travel?

5Anonymous2015/06/15(Mon) 00:26:47.57
Its too dificult to get here.
Its all in jap.

6Anonymous2015/06/26(Fri) 02:35:17.92
>>1 Probably because there's no easy way of discovering this place other than blindly stumbling onto here.

7Anonymous2015/07/02(Thu) 09:45:57.16
Foreign here, ask me anything

8Anonymous2015/07/02(Thu) 21:22:18.64
Where are you from?

9Anonymous2015/07/03(Fri) 03:41:57.69
Venezuela, it's a piece of shit and no one wants to work.

10Anonymous2015/07/03(Fri) 06:46:15.90
2ch is not that interesting for a foreigner, I say this as a brazillian

11Anonymous2015/07/03(Fri) 08:46:48.95
I think it's pretty interesting for foreigners that are already interested in anonymous discussion/image-boards.
But those aren't as widespread in foreign countries as I think 2ch is in Japan.

12Anonymous2015/07/06(Mon) 06:52:12.04
>>11 maybe i am foreigner
everybody hello

13Anonymous2015/07/06(Mon) 08:13:05.26
was denn

14Anonymous2015/07/11(Sat) 16:23:05.31

15Anonymous2015/07/17(Fri) 02:01:28.50
did they make an annoucement of opening this board?

Otherwise, u know

16Anonymous2015/08/08(Sat) 01:02:39.10
yJAPANzThe Tokaido Shinkansen Line
ttp://hello.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/travel/1438907951/@@{@uhv@put at the top

17Anonymous2015/08/09(Sun) 18:00:18.66
Foreigner is here :)
I'm from Korea

18Anonymous2015/08/09(Sun) 18:04:51.90
Is here no question to Korean?

19Anonymous2015/08/17(Mon) 12:04:02.26
Someone sponsor me a work visa to japan and I'll come.

20Anonymous2015/08/26(Wed) 13:40:12.90
i'm in japan already & im from Dubai :)
skype @ mubariz.khan & teach me japanese please

21Anonymous2015/11/01(Sun) 15:23:02.54
Syrian Refugee here, please accept me

22Anonymous2015/11/01(Sun) 15:27:43.49
The first was nothing
The nothing shaped something
This is all the truth

23Anonymous2015/11/04(Wed) 21:36:48.24
I am from Russia, for example.

24Anonymous2015/11/07(Sat) 19:53:50.16

25Anonymous2015/11/09(Mon) 01:05:32.85
Hey! Where are you all? I feel so sad and alone.

26Anonymous2015/11/11(Wed) 10:27:36.71
I am trying to shitpost in lounge8
but apparently I can't make a thread...

27Anonymous2015/11/12(Thu) 11:23:41.37

28Anonymous2015/11/15(Sun) 09:50:09.52
am here

29Anonymous2015/11/18(Wed) 05:44:44.74
foreigner am is her also
is board fast or pee pee slow?

30Anonymous2015/11/19(Thu) 03:28:20.80
is this board dead? i really wanted to talk to you guys, just found this website, i dont understand any of it

but you're all cute <3 not even joking.

31Anonymous2015/11/19(Thu) 03:50:49.70
This board is the fastest foreign board as far as I can tell but it's not fast.

32Anonymous2015/11/21(Sat) 23:21:32.65
„Q„@„Y„K„@ „C„O„B„N„`„Y„K„@

33Anonymous2015/11/25(Wed) 20:07:20.16
&#45212; &#54620;&#44397;&#50640;&#49436; &#50772;&#51020;!

34Anonymous2015/11/25(Wed) 23:21:21.58
„I„r„p„~, „„|„y„x.

35Anonymous2015/11/25(Wed) 23:22:45.96
So... I wanna fight with you!

36Anonymous2015/11/27(Fri) 00:51:19.10
hey guys, if anyone wants to talk, you can follow me on twitter or something
anyone is welcome, since this board is very slow and you rarely get to talk to anyone.
it would be my pleasure to help you guys with english and stuff. <3
twitter @ is @Sir_kamil

37Anonymous2015/11/27(Fri) 16:28:07.44
Russian Ivan here. Hello, neighbours! =)

38Anonymous2015/11/28(Sat) 08:20:57.15
Texas deserves to be a independant nation!!
We must free ourselves from the shackles of American oppression!

39Anonymous2015/11/30(Mon) 04:45:37.51
What we do, guys?

40Anonymous2015/11/30(Mon) 16:35:57.64

41Anonymous2015/12/01(Tue) 09:17:57.09
Ceterum autem censeo carthaginem delendam esse.

42Anonymous2015/12/08(Tue) 11:27:26.48
Guys, let's invite people here from 4 Chan. 2ch is the original website of 4 Chan so some people would be interested.

43Anonymous2015/12/09(Wed) 12:19:06.61
You can do it but what if this place turn off a next meme place.

44Anonymous2015/12/11(Fri) 04:24:17.34
4chan had its own text boards for 10 years.
no one used them....
why would they come to 2ch at this juncture?

45Anonymous2015/12/19(Sat) 08:21:15.37
I used the 4chan textboards. I still post on the few remaining english textboards.
I guess the glory days of textboards have gone by and english textboards like world2ch will never amount to anything.

46Anonymous2015/12/20(Sun) 18:59:36.36
Hello, I am from Australia

47Anonymous2015/12/21(Mon) 11:24:22.80
Teach me the nippongese.

48Anonymous2015/12/21(Mon) 12:29:16.79
Stop pretending to be a foreigner dumbass

49Anonymous2015/12/30(Wed) 23:18:24.97
hi I'm Khan from Seychelles

50Anonymous2015/12/30(Wed) 23:18:57.80
teach me Chinese

51Anonymous2016/01/05(Tue) 03:26:08.72
„Why doesn't foreigner come here ???

Japanese doesn't come here too

Why had this boad been madeH

52Anonymous2016/01/06(Wed) 20:02:40.30
Hello, everyone!

53Anonymous2016/01/06(Wed) 21:37:05.07

54Anonymous2016/01/06(Wed) 23:26:43.14
It's obvious that foreigners are not quite interested to the japanese's anonymous board cuz most of japanese cant communicate by english

55Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 01:40:21.51
>cuz most of japanese cant communicate by english
Why you think so?

56Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 06:48:47.92
because their English is terrible just like me

57Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 09:29:05.61
when i went to japan of of a young shopkeeper asked me my birthday for tax free procedure but he doesnt even understand july... lmao

58Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 14:46:17.61
My english is terrible too but I'm not a nipponese. I think we just need more practise :3

59Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 19:16:41.52
is that so?
where are you from?

60Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 19:53:08.16
From Russia.

61Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 21:51:28.44
good I like Russian girls<3

62Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 21:57:13.56
Unfortunately I'm not a girl.

63Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 21:57:15.73
> good I like Russian girls<3

watch outI
It's Kohmei's trap!!

64Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 21:58:59.15

65Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 22:04:52.80

66Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 22:08:51.10

67Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 22:10:51.77
attempt number two


68Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 22:28:36.66
scream out I

(L„DM)Come on! RussiaCUkraine and Belarus beautiful girls! marry with me!

69Anonymous2016/01/07(Thu) 23:27:39.33
For me japanese women look more attractive.

70Anonymous2016/01/08(Fri) 03:29:07.93
A little bit more than 10 posts per day. We are growing up, guys.


Hello everyone
Why are you here?

72Anonymous2016/01/08(Fri) 16:30:33.57
Because we can.

73Anonymous2016/01/08(Fri) 21:51:40.39

74Anonymous2016/01/08(Fri) 23:12:47.19

75Anonymous2016/01/10(Sun) 17:38:47.78

76Anonymous2016/01/10(Sun) 19:17:10.79
Xi Jinping

77Anonymous2016/01/12(Tue) 22:23:34.04
> Xi Jinping


78Anonymous2016/01/17(Sun) 00:50:41.82

79Anonymous2016/01/17(Sun) 19:03:55.19

80Anonymous2016/01/22(Fri) 01:26:42.32

81Anonymous2016/01/23(Sat) 11:06:10.26
omaera nihongo hanase!

82Anonymous2016/01/25(Mon) 18:22:36.17

83Anonymous2016/01/27(Wed) 06:53:26.48

84Anonymous2016/01/29(Fri) 10:08:46.52
Probably because 2ch forbids latin writing merely everywhere and there is no /int/ imageboard

go 4chan /int/

85Anonymous2016/02/02(Tue) 11:38:29.51
>go 4chan /int/
No, You!

86Anonymous2016/02/02(Tue) 23:20:04.41
I know 4chan users are dislike japanese.
I don't want to go to 4chan.

87Anonymous2016/02/06(Sat) 03:30:09.92
I don't know why are they so mad about Japanese.

88Anonymous2016/02/07(Sun) 23:21:58.20
It's very easy.
Western losers are more crazy than Asian losers.

89Anonymous2016/02/09(Tue) 15:04:32.28

90Anonymous2016/02/09(Tue) 21:55:00.94
Japanese kanji makes me sad. I always confused and forget them. I want to speak in japanese but kanji is so terrible...

91Anonymous2016/02/10(Wed) 10:34:13.94
>I want to speak in japanese

Kanji doesn't appear in conversation.
In my opinion Japanese language's grammar and accent are most simple in east asia.
My poor English proves how Japanese easy.

>but kanji is so terrible...

Truly sometimes Japanese feel too.
When that time,we ask how to read.

92Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 00:11:07.66
Thanks for the support, Senpai ^_^

93Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 00:45:09.60
This is not the topic of the thread but I decided it's nothing wrong to write about it in here.

Today I tried to play in Saya no Uta. Very nice game for me.
Actually, I love to play in computer games. Most of my favorite games are japanese. For example: Front Mission, Final Fantasy, Contra Hard Corps and Tales of Eternia. I think this games are masterpieces.
What do you like to play, /lang/?

94Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 02:10:23.11
I love old(mainly in 1980's) KONAMI and@SEGA games.
KONAMI games for example GRADIUS(Nemesis),METAL GEAR,CASTLEVANIA,SALAMANDER,Green beret,Mr.Goemoncetc.
SEGA games for example After burner,Fantasy Zone,Out Run,Wonder Boy Monster LAND,Quartet,Space Harrier,Sinobicetc.
Do you know these Japanese games H

95Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 15:02:02.34
I am here. I don't know how I got here.

96Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 18:24:01.98
> I don't know how I got here.


97Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 22:38:55.34
Good night

98Anonymous2016/02/11(Thu) 22:56:25.88
>Do you know these Japanese games H
Unfortunatelly, no. I heard about one of them (CASTLEVANIA), but still have not played. Maybe later I will try it.
You may to stay here. It will be fun.
See you soon ;)

99Anonymous2016/02/12(Fri) 17:44:59.82
Hi,Where are you fromH

100Anonymous2016/02/12(Fri) 19:10:06.24
From Russia.