The coronavirus may attack T cells, similar to HIV

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2020/04/14(Tue) 14:54:34.90
Another study from researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai and the New York Blood Center provides more harrowing evidence for the long-term consequences of contracting the virus.
According to the findings published in the journal Cellular & Molecular Immunology, when the researchers initiated contact between COVID-19 and lab-grown T lymphocytes — better known as T cells — the virus disabled the cells, which help identify and eliminate pathogens in the body.
The researchers also found that SARS, a related coronavirus, could not infect T cells. The study found that COVID-19’s damage to the T lymphocytes resembled that caused by HIV.
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2021/04/05(Mon) 00:51:35.68
China has developed a corona virus in Wuhan to destroy the United States.
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2021/04/05(Mon) 00:51:59.65
Our enemies are Chinese, not Asians.

Japan is our best friend.
Korea is an enemy.
China is the enemy of the world.
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2022/04/25(Mon) 17:11:21.99
Some people think COVID-19 is just like a flu nowadays.
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2023/08/23(Wed) 22:59:51.68