Non current anime thread

1Anonymous2018/06/30(Sat) 06:33:41.08
We need more activity in here. I didn't even know I could post on 5ch up until a few minutes ago. Anyways, in order to make this place a bit faster, just post what anime you are watching that isn't seasonal.

2Anonymous2018/07/02(Mon) 13:48:23.95

3Anonymous2018/07/03(Tue) 15:33:19.78
why can't I posttt

4Anonymous2018/07/05(Thu) 03:51:33.93
>>3 congratz anon! You just posted iOƒΦOj

5Anonymous2018/07/17(Tue) 11:05:07.18
I read Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, and I loved it. Takes the anime I loved for years and just threw it to another level. Thanks Miyazaki.