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1Anonymous2017/08/12(Sat) 15:28:23.12
So you want to learn a language but don't know where to start?
Want to practice but can't find any use?

The good news is there are massive amounts of resources online and off that are free! in most cases.
In this thread post anything that might be helpful to anyone wanting to learn or practice a language. Don't be afraid to request anything also!
Foreign news publishers, Dictionaries, Foreign TV, Practice and Learning programs, Books, or anything else that might help. All of these are fair game.

Learning how to learn (don't spend much time here)

2Anonymous2017/08/12(Sat) 15:33:42.40
Chinese Resources
"More than 900 free Chinese lessons ranging from Beginner to Advanced" (Thanks, SB35)
Learning Chinese entries on the Chengdu Living blog Including many reference links with descriptions. (Thanks, ProdigalSon)
Peggy Lee Teaches Chinese
(Thanks, Pi Mu Rho)
Chinese podcasts with which to learn Chinese.
An online Chinese dictionary (Thanks, ProdigalSon)
A variety of useful tools for learning and using Mandarin Chinese. (Thanks, ProdigalSon)
Stroke Orders for Traditional Characters (enter pinyin or character)
"whenever I'm practicing a character for the first time, I look it up on Each entry gives you an explanation for the character's form, though some are more illustrative than others. For example if you look up [], this is the entry: 👀
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3Anonymous2017/08/12(Sat) 15:35:37.87
Japanese Resources
A free online dictionary with which to look up Japanese kanji based on their visual parts, even if those parts aren't official radicals.
A Japanese-Japanese dictionary with internal linking, so you can conveniently look up words you don't know that pop up in definitions for the original word. (Thanks, LyonsLions)
Yahoo Japan Dictionary
Japanese-Japanese, English-Japanese, Japanese-English, and more.
Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide
A fairly comprehensive and well-explained collection of Japanese grammar points, in order from essential to rare. 👀
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4Anonymous2017/08/12(Sat) 15:41:30.01
Arabic Resources
Arabic Keyboard Layout
(Thanks, kenning)
A social language learning site that is limited to the al-Kitaab series of Arabic textbooks at the moment. (Thanks, kenning)
Arabic search engine that allows you type Arabic with Latin characters. Chrome and Firefox extensions also available. (Thanks, Xandu)
elroy's Arabic resources list
"A much more in depth list of Arabic resources" (Thanks, Xandu) 👀
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English Resource

Great Practice and Learning programs. Best English Teachers who are used to work with Japanese people. Very interesting lessons. 👀
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