American here. Ask me anything.

1Anonymous2018/04/14(Sat) 03:35:51.72
Hey, I am Isaac from the United States. I have used 4chan for many years. I just started to learn Japanese, so I decided to check out 5ch.

Feel free to ask me for help with English, questions about America (culture, politics, etc.), or anything else you want. I will answer almost ANY question.

2Anonymous2018/04/14(Sat) 04:02:48.90
Nevermind. I posted in /English/ instead because this board is inactive. I wont be responding to any questions in this thread, sorry.

3Anonymous2018/05/25(Fri) 23:33:13.37
What do you think of 5ch?

4Anonymous2018/05/30(Wed) 08:53:44.29
He's gone.